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sandy pfefferle forster, owner

the original little pepper, sandy paid homage to her german roots by giving her company the english translation of her maiden name (though it might have been more fun to stick with pfefferle – you can’t say that name and frown.) a graduate of the college of st. benedict, sandy’s days as a collegiate rugby player helped prepare her for raising three boys. now, running little pepper promotions is her latest way to channel her eminent energy. she’s been known to do hot yoga before the sun rises and bike through remote areas of Europe as well. we’re not sure she sleeps.


max forster, director of operations

max’s impressive background in advertising brings fresh flavor to our little pepper mix. organized, hard-working, and detailed-oriented, max is poised to propel little pepper to new heights. as an ardent player, coach, and fan, max’s agile versatility presents a winning formula for both our team and clients. max displays deep commitment, whether to his work at little pepper, his family and friends, his love of music, or his penchant for eating anything and everything he can get his hands on. we are delighted to welcome back little pepper’s very first intern!


madeline lomauro, project coordinator

a college of st. benedict alum, madeline has upped the bennie quotient in the office. fueled by copious amounts of coffee and a love of words, madeline works tirelessly keeping our projects on-task and communications fetching. always on the search for the perfect recipe, madeline brings a delicious blend of multi-tasking and creativity to the little pepper team. when she’s not little peppering, madeline’s zest for travel and adventure has propelled her into surfing, hiking, and snowboarding. madeline’s calm demeanor keeps us all grounded and reaching for the stars.


sam forster, sales associate

sam’s charismatic personality, professional recruiting experience, and business savvy have complemented both little pepper and minuteman press central as our top-notch sales associate. naturally personable, sam’s passion for working with others motivates him to coach basketball and mentor troubled kids. at work, he’s our people-person; after work, he’s the dog whisperer and can often be spotted with bob the office dog on their daily stroll. athlete or mathlete, we’re thrilled to have sam on the team!

helen pfefferle, chief financial officer

our most “seasoned” little pepper, helen pfefferle is our CFO and keeper of the little pepper financial books. she pays our bills and makes sure we’re reconciled, balanced, and in ship shape. sounds like the elements of a cleansing yoga class– except helen doesn’t make us sweat. well, maybe when we forget to give her a bill that’s due. she brings order and wisdom to the little pepper table.


bob, office assistant & security detail

a dedicated worker, he comes in early and stays late, but he’s been known to take a nap under his desk from time to time. bob screens all the guests at little pepper, and, like everyone else here, favors those who bring him food.


jade stigney, marketing intern


meet the wiz behind our social media curtain. as little pepper's newest intern, jade keeps the pulse of our marketing, deftly ensuring our traffic is up and our brand personality is shining. graphic design is jade's specialty (it's 1/2 of her double major at the U of M), and her marketing's got major hops (just like her favorite beverage: craft beer). jade's keen eye and self-starting attitude go far beyond the promotional products world. always armed with a well-focused camera lens, when jade isn't at work she heads her own twin cities food blog, seeking out the tastiest and most instagrammable local eats. although she kept us sizzling through the summer, jade has her eye on next season, which will bring her final round of U game days, volleyball matches with her roommates, a role on the exec board of her business frat, and endless cuddles with her new kitten, pretzel.  


dave forster

forever a little pepper.
on june 24th, 2016, dave tragically collapsed on an evening run. we are devastated and forever changed.
he will be deeply missed on so many levels and will remain in our hearts.


staff support:

don’t believe bob when he tells you he does all the work. the truth is, we have help.

paul altobell is our wizard of the graphic arts, magically transforming even the grainiest logos into veritable masterpieces and assuring the most aesthetically pleasing layouts on any surface imaginable.

lisa rhine is our jill of all trades. she’s the reason things work around here.

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